Pet Cremation Packages in Elm Grove, LA

Pet Cremation — Pet Grave Site in Grove, LA
When you lose a faithful companion, it can be a tremendously emotional time. We understand what it means to lose a family pet. It is only natural that you desire an appropriate and meaningful way to say farewell to one that has meant so much to your life. Let this guide you through many ways you can pay tribute to your lost friend. Most of our families choose private cremation. For more information about burial options please call.
All cremation packages listed below are separated cremations, where your pet is cremated completely separate from other pets, and then your pets' cremated remains are processed and placed in the urn you select. Packages include: service of our staff, pick-up from your Shreveport/Bossier veterinarian's office (within 30 miles), transfer to the crematory, cremation fee and processing, urn, engraving (if applicable), certificate, memorial, tax and delivery. Prices are determined by the weight of your pet and the urn you select.
We offer Shreveport/Bossier pick-up service outside of your veterinarian's office at a higher fee because of the immediate nature involved. We can meet you at our crematory or come to your home. This service is either an additional $75 (9am-4pm) or $100 (after 4pm). We are available 365 days a year. Heavenly Acres for Pets, established in 2003, is located south of Bossier City, in Elm Grove.
Cremation Options - choose #1, #2 or #3 package and your pet weight
1-20 lbs.
21-45 lbs.
46-75 lbs.
76-125 lbs.
126-275 lbs.
1. Compassion
2. Dignity
3. Honor
Compassion Package
Includes wooden urn.
Engraved plate is available for an additional $20
Wooden Urn - Elm Grove, LA - Heavenly Acres for Pets
Dignity Package
Includes a walnut or oak urn, with or without
a 3½" x 5" photo holder and an engraved plate
walnut photo urn - Elm Grove, LA - Heavenly Acres for Pets
oak photo urn - Elm Grove, LA - Heavenly Acres for Pets
"I enjoyed the Memorial Day service so very much. It is truly a lovely site with much love living there. Visiting with other attendees was nice, all of us had tender stories about our babies now in Heaven. Such beautiful grave markers! I plan to come to this special occasion every year from now on!"

~Ms. Fain and the Fur B.
Nov 2015